Slumber, the edit

I’ve been requested to explain my edit on a recently posted image I created during a B&W challenge on Facebook. . Following are the steps and apps that I used for this creation:

This is the original as taken with my iPhone, though it appears to be a black and white it contains all color information as captured by the camera app. 

My usual first step is to edit with the app Snapseed (free from Google) to adjust exposure/shadows/highlights and color as is shown here.

The second step in this edit I incorporated the filter Ferrotype in the app Formulas

In step three, I used the app Hipstamatic and applied the filters Lowry Lens & D Type plate to create a distinct border.

For step four I returned to Snapseed to adjust exposure and contrast.

For step five I used the app Stackables. Formulas & Stackables work with each other, I’m still exploring the potential of each and treat them seperatably until I understand their potential.

In Stackables I applied blemish, thorny rose, caldera dust and thunderstorm in various degrees on separate layers to create the finishing touches for Slumber. 

I hope this explains clearly my process for this image, as I’m constantly trying new apps and work flow this is not indicative of how I create other images. All edits were done with my iPad using compatible iOS apps. Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions, thank you.